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Call display

Configuration via URL

You can use the following URL-Parameters to configure the call display:

ParameterDescriptionPossible valuesExample
sectionsOnly display calls from these sectionsComma-separated list of section IDssections=1,3,4
ignore_sections_timeIgnore the sections filter during a specific time windowStart and End Time, separated by -21:00-06:00
fullscreenEnable the fullscreen mode by default0 or 1fullscreen=1
layoutSet the default display layoutgrid or listlayout=list
localeSet the display langugaede, it, fr or enlocale=en
videostreamShow video streams (defaults to 1)0 or 1videostream=0

Example settings

The first setting can be added after a ? symbol. All other settings have to be separated by a & symbol.

Display all calls in fullscreen mode


Display calls from section 3 without fullscreen mode


Display calls from sections 1 and 2 in fullscreen mode


Display calls from sections 1 and 2 in fullscreen mode, show calls from all sections at night (21:00 - 06:00)


Display all calls as a fullscreen list