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Move the Docker network to a new address space

By default, Docker uses the address space for all internal communication. If the internal network of a customer conflicts with this address space, it is possible to move the Docker network to a new address space.

Update the /etc/docker/daemon.json file

Open the Docker daemon.json by executing the following command in a Terminal:

sudo gedit /etc/docker/daemon.json

Modify the base setting to your new address space. Leave the rest of the file unchanged.

   "default-address-pools" : [
         "base" : "",
         "size" : 24

Save the file and close the editor.

Recreate the Docker network


This action will lead to downtime! The CareSuite web interface will not be available while the commands below are executed.

After the configuration has been changed, the Docker network needs to be recreated. To do so, execute the following commands in a Terminal:

# Restart Docker
sudo service docker restart
# Stop the CareSuite
# Remove the Docker network
sudo docker network rm $(sudo docker network ls --filter name=caresuite --format="{{.ID}}")
# Recreate the Docker network
sudo docker network create caresuite
# Restart the CareSuite