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Download the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS image from

You can use the Desktop or Server edition. Note that the Server edition does not come with a graphical user interface pre-installed and can only be managed via the command line. The Server edition will require less system resources.

Desktop or Server

Please read the note for IT admins under the System requirements on how to decide if a Desktop or Server edition is needed.

We recommend connecting the server to the internet. This will ensure that all available updates for the OS are downloaded during the installation process.

Create a install medium

For virtual servers

If the CareSuite is to be installed on a virtual server, you can simply mount the downloaded Ubuntu ISO image in your VM and boot it.

For physical servers

If the CareSuite is to be installed on a physical server, you need to create a bootable installation medium (USB stick).

  1. Use the Etcher software to flash the downloaded Ubuntu ISO to a USB drive (at least 4 GB)
  2. Connect the USB drive to your CareSuite Server and boot into the Ubuntu installer

Install Ubuntu Desktop

Boot from the ISO image and wait until you see the following screen. Choose your language and select Install Ubuntu.

Select Switzerland as the keyboard layout.

Select Minimal installation. Also check Download updates while installing Ubuntu.

Select Erase disk and install Ubuntu. Important: This will erase all data from the server's disk!

Check the new partition layout and confirm by clicking Continue.

Choose your location.

Create the default user account. We suggest you name the user and the computer caresuite.

Choose a strong password for the user account.

Note: The end-users's IT department may require you to give the computer a specific hostname.

Wait until the installation is complete. Then reboot the system.

Login using the default user account.

Skip the Online Accounts step.

Skip the Livepatch step by clicking Next.

You can choose if you want to send your system's information to Canonical (the company behind Ubuntu). Only information about the server hardware will be shared. The report does not contain any user information.

Note: This step is not about sharing any data with CareSuite.

Leave location services turned off.

Click Done. You do not have to install any of the listed software manually.

Note: If you are running in a virtual machine, this is a good place to create a snapshot of your system. In case anything goes wrong during the installation process, you can easily return to a clean system.