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Downloading the Manager

Each CareSuite server is installed, updated and monitored by the CareSuite Manager.

To download the CareSuite Manager binary, open a terminal by pressing Ctrl + Alt + T or by selecting Terminal from the applications menu in the lower left corner.

Execute the following commands:



If the unzip command returns an error, you might have to install the unzip utility first by running:

sudo apt install unzip

Start the installation

You can now start the CareSuite installation process by running the following command:

sudo ./manager
# Enter your password


You won't see the characters appear when you enter your password. Just type in the password and hit enter to confirm.

Follow the instructions given on screen.

TeamViewer Access

Manual steps required

If you are using TeamViewer to access this system remotely, follow the instructions in the TeamViewer Access section to enable unattended access.

Test the remote connection before you install the system at the customer site.