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Remote access


You can use TeamViewer to enable permanent remote access to your CareSuite server.

Please note that TeamViewer is only supported if you are using the Desktop edition of Ubuntu (with a graphical user interface).

We suggest you install TeamViewer Host on the system. The Host version of TeamViewer has deeper integration with the system and is therefore less likely to lock you out of remote access.

Download and Install TeamViewer Host

You can use the following link to download the installation package for the 64-bit Ubuntu version of TeamViewer Host. Use Firefox on the CareSuite Server to download the file.

Show installation instructions

Choose to Save the downloaded file. A direct installation is blocked for security reasons!

In the downloads section in Firefox, click on the downloaded deb file.

The software center opens, you can now click Install and enter your password when prompted.

Once the installation has finished, you can run TeamViewer Host from the applications menu in the lower left corner of your screen.

You can now set up TeamViewer for unattended remote access.

Important: Enable unattended access on Ubuntu 22.04


For installations running Ubuntu 22.04, a few additional steps are required to enable unattended access after the TeamViewer installation.

  1. Open a Terminal and run the command sudo gedit /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
  2. Enter your password when prompted
  3. In the text editor, remove the # symbol in front of WaylandEnable=false
    The resulting section needs to look like this:
# Uncomment the line below to force the login screen to use Xorg

Save the file and reboot your system. Test that you can connect to the server using TeamViewer.

Enable connections via LAN

If a CareSuite server is not connected to the internet but you have a VPN connection to the local network, you can enable LAN connections in TeamViewer. This allows you to connect to a CareSuite server using TeamViewer without an internet connection.

In the TeamViewer settings, set the Incoming LAN connections option to accept. If the server is not connected to the internet, you can use accept exclusively so TeamViewer does no longer listen for connections from outside of the local network.

With this option enabled, you can now connect to the server using it's IP address instead of the usual TeamViewer ID.

Firewall rule required

For LAN connections to work, the CareSuite Server needs to allow incomming traffic on TCP port 5938.

Important: Usage without a connected monitor

Depending on the hardware configuration, TeamViewer will only show a black screen when accessing a server that has no external monitor connected.

To work around this issue, a dummy plug can be used that emulates a connected screen.

The plugs are available for all connector types and need no installation. Once the adapter is plugged in, restart the server. TeamViewer will now be able to forward the video signal correctly.

You can buy the adapter from any vendor. esons offers a variety of options: Dummy Adapters on

Does not apply to installations on a virtual machine

This problem only occurs when CareSuite is installed on a physical server. When CareSuite is installed on a virtual machine, you can easily connect to the installation via TeamViewer even without a monitor or adapter.

Connect to a RDP server from Ubuntu

To connect to a remote RDP server from Ubuntu, you can use the Remmina software from the software center. You can also install it using the following Terminal command:

sudo apt install remmina

Once the installation has completed, you can find Remmina in the applications menu.