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TCP logger does not send data

Check the /opt/caresuite/log/tcp.log file for incoming data. If no JSON values are logged, the TCP logger does not send data (there should be a new log entry every few seconds).

Make sure the logger's web interface is responding. Also check that the logger is configured to send data to the CareSuite server's IP address on Port 8080.

If still no data is received, restart the TCP logger via the GEC configurator's web interface. There is a Restart action for each device in the list on the homepage of the web interface.

If after a restart still no data is logged to the tcp.log file, make sure the TCP logger can actually access the CareSuite server via the network.

Accessing the GEC configurator's internal logs

The GEC Configurator keeps a log file of all processed events for a limited time. The logs can be accessed via the configurator's web interface.

Replace the sector (5) and device (4) ids in the following URL to view the logs of a specific device: