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Server management

The are a few helper commands installed on each CareSuite server. All commands start with the cs. prefix. To get an overview, type cs. in a terminal and press the TAB key twice.

Update a CareSuite installation

To manually trigger a CareSuite update, simply run sudo cs.manager in a terminal. The most current CareSuite version will be installed.

Restart CareSuite

To restart the CareSuite services, run cs.restart. Be aware, that this will interrupt the availability of the CareSuite web interface for a few seconds.

MySQL prompt

To get a MySQL prompt, run cs.mysql.

Trigger a manual backup

Use the following command to trigger a manual backup:

sudo docker exec -it $(sudo docker ps --filter name=app --format="{{.ID}}") ./caresuite backup

Backups are stored in the /opt/caresuite/data/backups directory.

Permission denied for docker commands

If you run a docker command and have a permission denied error returned, run the command using sudo. This problem only occurs if the CareSuite server has never been restarted after the installation.

A log-out and log-in of the user fixes this problem as well.